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Schaeffler destroys 8.5 tons of counterfeit bearings

Counterfeit bearings seized are destroyed at the Schaeffler Iberia facilities in Sant Just Desvern.

In November 2019, Schaeffler destroyed 8.5 tons of counterfeit bearings from a successful raid in the Iberian Peninsula. This is another important step in the fight against piracy of products and brands for Schaeffler Iberia as well as for the entire Schaeffler Group.

Bearings of various types and sizes, including the most common types of ball bearings, cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearings, were removed from the market in a police anti-piracy operation and once the judicial process was completed, it was possible to proceed with their destruction. The objective of this operation was that these bearings remain unusable, thus preventing them from definitively reaching the market and, consequently, preventing possible risks for manufacturers and users.

Actions against product piracy

The counterfeit of bearings and the distribution of counterfeit products are permanently pursued by Schaeffler worldwide with zero tolerance towards those companies that make piracy one of the foundations of their business model. In 2004, Schaeffler created a central team to fight against piracy and infringement of its products and brands.

Not only is there a threat of civil claims requesting the cessation of activity, damages and the request for delivery of the bearings to be destroyed, but there is also the threat of criminal prosecution that can lead to fines or imprisonment.

The economic losses caused by counterfeit products are very difficult to estimate. In addition to the loss of sales and damage to the company’s image due to the low quality of the products, the high costs of research, seizure and the correct destruction of the bearings must also be added.

Schaeffler offers maximum support, collaboration and protection to companies that have been victims of fraud, those who, thinking that they were acquiring an original product, have acquired a counterfeit product without any guarantee.