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WBA Mission in Thailand

Trade in counterfeit bearings is a serious and urgent problem also encountered in Thailand. To protect customers in Thailand, WBA met in 2019 with officials of the competent law-enforcement authorities: Department of Special Investigation, Customs and the Department of Intellectual Property. There has been intense and fruitful exchange of views and experience on what the bearing industry can do to support authorities in their fight against counterfeit bearings.

One of the results of these discussions was an invitation to provide training to officers of the law-enforcement authorities. A well-attended training seminar was held in Bangkok in February 2020. Topics covered include the identification of suspicious shipments, cooperation with the brand owners and a presentation of the WBACheck app. The seminar was very well received by the attendees.

Measures to combat counterfeiting of bearings were discussed in a special meeting with Customs IP Investigation Department. In particular, the WBACheck was presented. As a next step Thai Customs will check whether the WBACheck app can be provided via customs servers for download by officers. The use of the WBACheck app helps to secure effective and smooth functioning of border controls.

As part of the public awareness campaign the is available in Thai.

The fight against counterfeiting of bearings will be continued vigorously not only in Thailand.