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Raising awareness of counterfeits among distributors and customers using digital media

NSK Ltd. (Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan) works closely with the WBA (World Bearing Association), JBIA (Japan Bearing Industry Association), and authorities around the world to enforce law and order on counterfeiters and eliminate fake bearings.

NSK cooperated with WBA to develop a new app to combat fake bearings and announced with a press release on September 2019

For many decades, NSK has always been one of the targeted brand for counterfeiters as the over 100 years establishment is well recognized globally for manufacturing reliable and high quality bearing products used in many different industries, including automotive. Dishonorable traders who ply their trade in fake bearings not only put their own businesses at risk – by sourcing and selling inferior quality bearings – but that of innocent end users, who unwittingly buy these products in the belief they are getting “the real thing” at a reduced price. Of course, such bearings have the potential to fail prematurely, even catastrophically, thus presenting an inherent safety risk.

NSK began with the ‘Choose Genuine’ advertisement campaign since 2016 to raise the awareness of the risks of counterfeit products and to promote buying from NSK authorized distributors.
These advertisements were mainly posted through social media such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, targeting ASEAN countries and India.

The latest videos featuring dangers in Southeast Asia, casting some poisonous plants and animals to raise attention of target audiences while communicating the high risks of counterfeit products, have been very effective. We received many positive comments and reactions (Like and Share) from the viewers to these video advertisements.

The challenge of catching counterfeiters is a time-intensive, high-cost exercise. However, NSK continues undeterred in its relentless pursuit of these disingenuous fake bearing operations to ensure that customers worldwide can continue to use NSK products with confidence.

Check out for more about our advertising campaign here at Choose Genuine Bearings. 

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