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Stricter rail stock control in Hungary

HUNGARY – Hungarian State Railways (HSR) have introduced stricter stock control and purchasing routines, after an audit at their premises showing a significant number of counterfeit bearings. This internal review came about as the result of a business trip, on which HSR employees met SKF staff and learned about issues surrounding counterfeiting and brand protection.

Returning to Hungary, the HSR colleagues set to work in reviewing their component stocks. According to Peter Horvath, Technical Director at HSR they uncovered some suspicious products. A written request for free-of-charge verification was immediately sent to SKF, along with the suspect products designations, quantities, supplier’s name and other relevant details. Meanwhile the questionable goods were set aside in storage. A thorough verification of all the products were made, concluding that many of the bearings in question were indeed counterfeits.

Peter Horvath was both shocked and impressed at the outcome of the verification procedure: “SKF’s quick and professional reaction and the astonishing result of verification, proved to us that the HSR Machinery Co is not an exception as a target by companies selling fakes. The counterfeited products were scrapped and replaced with genuine ones. New processes are being implemented to prevent this from happening again and from now on quality documents must accompany all bearings we purchase.”

The Hungarian railway transportation services are used by 140 million domestic passengers per year. On average 3000 trains per day and a passenger vehicle fleet of 2700 units.