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NTN Develops New Anti-Counterfeit Labels

Counterfeit bearings continue to be a worldwide brand-protection and safety concern.  In 2017, NTN Corporation continued its efforts to ensure that customers buying genuine NTN bearings receive only genuine NTN bearings by introducing a new anti-counterfeit label and app.

NTN’s new labels contain three ways for a customer to authenticate an NTN bearing:

  1. White micro-characters repeating the name “NTN” can be seen on the label’s blue band with a magnifying glass. On authentic NTN bearings, these characters should appear sharply outlined and distinct.
  2. Blue micro-characters, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, are randomly placed among the blue circles on the section of the label with the white background. On genuine NTN products, these letters are sharply outlined and distinct.
  3. A hologram, with diagonally-placed strips containing the letters “NTN” running continuously along the strips, appears on one edge of the label. On genuine NTN products, these letters change from black to white, and vice versa, when the label is tilted ninety degrees.

Additionally, NTN has developed the “AuthentiBear” app that assists purchasers to determine, by scanning a QR code, if bearings are genuine NTN bearings.  The app may be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If purchasers have any questions about the authenticity of a bearing, please contact NTN at