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SKF supports Kenyan authorities in anti-counterfeiting

KENYA – SKF holds seminars on counterfeiting protection in Kenya and supports Anti-Counterfeiting Agency (ACA) officers in a raids against a non-authorized distributor e.g. in the city center of Nairobi. Small and medium sized products worth around 2,5 MEUR were seized. The retailer had a very small store, max. 8 meters square, but had goods stocked up to the ceiling.

Beforehand SKF had invited customers and governmental authorities to anti-counterfeiting seminars all across East Africa – besides Kenya, also in Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. The Managing Director of SKF Kenya explains: “In countries like Uganda and Ethiopia for example, premium bearing brands are accepted and requested by industry, but the absolute majority of products are counterfeits. The customers purchase unknowingly, so awareness training is very important.”

In the seminars the audience learned: Counterfeited industrial products exists, they can negatively impact operational reliability and threaten lives but there are ways to protect the own business and minimize the risks.