Product piracy hurts

4.2 trillion

US$ drained from the global economy

5.4 million

jobs worldwide at risk

39 percent

of fakes posed danger to lives

We are there for you

The WBA and its participating companies assist local law enforcement with information and identification of counterfeits, to help find and prosecute counterfeiters. We are frequently involved in raids and investigations of suspected counterfeit operations. This helps buyers, distributors and end users.

WBA is a non-profit and unincorporated industrial association. It was founded in 2006 by three major, regional bearing associations: The American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA), the Federation of European Bearing Manufacturers’ Associations (FEBMA) and the Japan Bearing Industry Association (JBIA). All together, we promote the common, lawful interests of the world bearing industry, such as open economic engagement, sustainable development and the protection of legal rights.

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Timken assists investigators in Mexico’s largest-ever counterfeit bearing raid

MEXICO – In 2017, Timken worked closely with Mexican officials to investigate counterfeit operations in Mexico City and Guadalajara. It eventually led to the seizure of 88,000 fake bearings. Currently, the case is implementing several penalties to the counterfeiter involved, including having all counterfeit products, packaging and promotional materials destroyed.

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NTN Develops New Anti-Counterfeit Labels

Counterfeit bearings continue to be a worldwide brand-protection and safety concern. In 2017, NTN Corporation continued its efforts to ensure that customers buying genuine NTN bearings receive only genuine NTN bearings by introducing a new anti-counterfeit label and app.

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JTEKT fights against counterfeiting

Japanese bearing manufacturer JTKET rises with a three step campaign awareness for fake bearings in Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines.

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NTN wins lawsuit against Chinese product pirates

A successful raid in Suzhou City ends with significant criminal fines and high compensations for bearing distributor in China.

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SKF destroys 15 tons of fake bearings

Counterfeit bearings with a market value of approximately €1 Million were destroyed in Greece, following the successful completion of legal proceedings commenced in 2009.

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SKF App helps detecting counterfeits

Since its launch two years ago, the app SKF Authenticate has helped to identify fake bearings. 50 percent of all requests were determined counterfeits.

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World Bearing Association (WBA)

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