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NSK educates distributor partners

JAPAN – NSK has taken anti-counterfeiting efforts one step further and has begun educating distributor partners and end users, on how to identify and address counterfeiting activity. NSK has also begun reaching out to end users and companies in other industries, such as electrical appliances manufacturers, steel mills and paper mills, on why it is important to partner with authorized distributors and not purchase fake bearings.

Currently, NSK is working with two distributors to develop anti-counterfeiting programs and share issues and data. “NSK has been involved in many cases of anti-counterfeiting. We feel the issue is so significant, we wish to share our determination to fight fake bearings,” says Koichi Uchida, NSK Manager of the Industrial Machinery Business Division.

Since the counterfeiting of bearings is such a major and increasing issue across the globe, Mr. Uchida states: “It is in the best interests of NSK and other manufacturers to make the effort to extend our education and shared resources in order to stop fake bearings.” He strongly encourages other companies and industries to develop a similar program.

Long-standing commitment
NSK has a long-standing commitment and program to stop counterfeiting of bearing products. NSK has been accumulating lots of cases and experiences in which data can be used to stop counterfeit efforts in the supply chain.

Through NSK’s education efforts with distributors and end users, NSK distributor partners are learning more about how to detect counterfeit operations, why they should only deal with authorized distributors, how to recognize counterfeit products and the dangers involved should a counterfeit bearing fail during manufacturing operations.